People don’t understand. When they ask us to house-sit and cat-sit for them, they think it’s some kind of burden. They don’t realize it means unrestricted, uninhibited getting to us. The brother and sister duo of Jasper and Callie seemed to enjoy our company, especially when we pulled out the toys.


July 9, 2006. Cats. 1 comment.

A demand met in Deadwood

We were minding our own business, driving down a side road in Deadwood, South Dakota, when we saw this guy emerge from a front yard. We slowed down, and he approached the car — yelling at us. Of course, we had to get out and meet his demands for a bit of getting.

July 8, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.

A slight bit of tresspassing

This beautiful creamy-yet-angular ginger cat was lounging on her front porch. I couldn’t resist going up for a hello and getting some pets. Luckily her owners didn’t chase me off with a shotgun.

June 18, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.

Welcome, can I escort you to your table?

This fine gentleman came right up to greet us one afternoon. He didn’t linger, seemed to have some things to do, but gave us the proper level of service and attention before moving on his way.

June 4, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.


I’d like to introduce you to Greybutt. Greybutt emerged from under a fence to get some lovin’. We had a nice visit, and were sorry to say good-bye.

May 21, 2006. Cats. 2 comments.

Not much gettin’ this week

Just one drive-by to report:

May 14, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.

Cat Hunt: Week of May 1

Just as the sun starts to set in the desert, the night stalkers take their positions. Getting them at that time of the day: not so easy. They have better things to do than indulge my desire to make contact. Here are a few attempts at captures from this week’s hunt.

Finally – a gotten:

May 7, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.

The King of Getting

Now this is a cat that appreciates a fine session of getting and being gotten.

May 6, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.

A gotten gets a mouse

I like to get Hobson when I visit Boston for work. I’ve been reliably told that what he got in this picture, got away eventually.

Hobson gets a mouse

April 30, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.

Drive-by Gotten

I met this RNC while on my drive home this week.

April 22, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.

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