I’d like to introduce you to Greybutt. Greybutt emerged from under a fence to get some lovin’. We had a nice visit, and were sorry to say good-bye.


May 21, 2006. Cats. 2 comments.

Not much gettin’ this week

Just one drive-by to report:

May 14, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.

Cat Hunt: Week of May 1

Just as the sun starts to set in the desert, the night stalkers take their positions. Getting them at that time of the day: not so easy. They have better things to do than indulge my desire to make contact. Here are a few attempts at captures from this week’s hunt.

Finally – a gotten:

May 7, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.

The King of Getting

Now this is a cat that appreciates a fine session of getting and being gotten.

May 6, 2006. Cats. Leave a comment.